About Us

Mr. Bounmee Maokhamphiou

Founder of Lao Scholarship Hunter

Lao Scholarship Hunter is created based on the interest of its founder, Mr.Bounmee Maokhamphiou, with the only objective to share scholarship related information that at least Lao people can apply for their improvement and future development of the country. Bounmee fortunately obtained various opportunities to study abroad to enhance his knowledge and understanding on his chosen fields of expertise, particularly in the areas of marketing. He could not succeed without the scholarships offered by the Australian government for his bachelor and master degree, and by the New Zealand government for his PhD study. THANKS to both governments who foresaw the potential within him and granted Bounmee the chances to deepen his knowledge. By acknowledging how significant individuals could enrich their knowledge and later contribute to the development of the country, Bounmee passionately urges to help those students and individuals to access information on various types of scholarships and opportunities.Through the slogan
               ‘Showing more doors for your bright future’
hopefully, they can identify one of those opportunities that they can apply and succeed.
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