EOCA Grants


Deadline: 30 November 2020


EOCA defines an outdoor enthusiast as anyone who visits non-urban ‘wild’ environments, be it to walk, hike, explore, climb, canoe, swim, scuba dive, bird watch etc. As EOCA is raising money from the European outdoor industry, we feel it is paramount that conservation and restoration work go hand-in-hand with the responsible use of the ‘wild’ areas we all enjoy.

EOCA will next be accepting funding applications from 1 – 30 November 2020. Projects must also meet all EOCA’s other criteria for a conservation project.


  • Non profit organisations can apply to EOCA for grants of up to €30,000 to implement a conservation project in any country around the world except North America (US and Canada – where the Conservation Alliance provides funding for conservation efforts from the North American outdoor industry).
  • All applications must please be written in English.


Project applications MUST:

  • protect a threatened species or habitat;
  • have a link to the outdoor enthusiast; AND
  • involve hands-on practical conservation work.

The types of project EOCA will NOT support (unless they are linked with local biodiversity loss / education about conservation etc.) are:

  • Installation of alternative energy
  • Community or social projects
  • Alternative / sustainable transport
  • Waste management projects (unless linked to detrimental effect on local biodiveristy / education of recreational users of the area). This includes local community recycling / incinerating projects.
  • Building projects
  • Projects in urban areas
  • 100% research / PhD’s / MSC’s / expeditions / conference attendance
  • 100% education projects
  • Animal welfare and rehabiliation of captive animals

EOCA will also NOT support projects:

  • Which are party political or linked to religious groups
  • Covering general overheads, maintenance costs or salary payments
  • Seeking the acquisition of buildings
  • Promoting violent or illegal action
  • Involving lobbying governments / campaigning on environmental issues


The projects to successfully win funding will be chosen from the shortlist via a public vote and an EOCA’s members vote (in March for applications received in November and October for applications received in June). The public vote is held in conjunction with a range of national magazines throughout Europe. In Spring 2017, 60.4 million people were reached through this process!

The public vote involves some effort on the part of the projects involved, to mobilise supporters and generate votes for their project over a two week period. However, the process also gives projects a very valuable opportunity to raise the profile and awareness of their organisation and its work in an international arena.

Members of EOCA can nominate up to three projects (from different, or the same organisations) each year. If you, as a conservation organisation, do not have any personal contacts to our members, please do not worry! Apply directly and if your project gets onto the shortlist, we will help you find a nominator!

To apply, please visit this link: Funding Application Questions


Please also ensure to look at our frequently asked questions page.

Click here to see Policy on Applying for Funding